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There’s a New DearFilm in Town

DearFilm is a website devoted to a simple edict:

It is impossible to be objective about art, and you should not try to be.


These are the words that I chose to use to introduce my first earnest attempt at a film blog to the world.

Six year later (dear God…) these words still ring true, but the form with which I have chosen to express myself has evolved. What began with a cute, maybe clever conceit – writing film reviews in the form of letters to the films themselves – is now becoming a more straightforward culture blog. As TV has become more of a part of my life, as I’ve grown up and begun experiencing more, the time has come for a new phase of DearFilm to begin.

So, goodbye to the letter format as the standard operating procedure. Hello to TV, books, and general culture. Hello as well to more opinion, more musings, and more writing.

It’s a new day here at DearFilm. I hope you all enjoy it.

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