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The Premiere of Reel Talk With Brian Roan

No one ever asked me to put my thoughts into words and publish those words online. Yet I did it anyway.

Likewise, no one ever asked me to record my voice so I could deliver my thoughts even more rapid-fire and with a little more flair. But I did that anyway, too.

Then, suddenly, people did start asking me to do those things. My life in the realm of film criticism has been a strange journey of proving myself, and then having people ask me to keep it up. No one ever took a chance on me without me having to run through fire first to show that I could.

Then a funny thing happened. Someone asked me to do something I never even conceived of myself doing. Someone asked me to be on TV.

This is the first step on a strange new leg of my journey. The best part is, you can see the initial terror give way as the pure joy of being asked to share my thoughts on film takes me over. It’s like a microcosm of my whole life in film criticism thus far. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you continue to tune in as more and more episodes come out. It’s only the beginning, and I’m glad you all are here for it.

Click here to watch my TV show, Reel Talk With Brian Roan, online. YouTube hopefully to follow. Also, check out the Facebook page for the people that are responsible for all this.

5 thoughts on “The Premiere of Reel Talk With Brian Roan”

  1. Karen Hinds Vadnais says:

    Shouldn’t it be madwoman?? Karen 🙂

    1. Brian J. Roan says:

      You make an excellent point…

      I’m excited for the world to see our work.

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  2. Ric says:

    Dan gets big points for holding up Leonardo as good as he was in the first segment and your tip to Jamie was great as well! Once you loosened up Bri, you came across more lively and keep in mind the hand gestures really work and are obviously YOUR FORTE!

    This is a stellar show premiere dude, congrats on the excellent first outing to both yourself and Dan!

    1. Brian J. Roan says:

      I make SO MANY hand gestures while podcasting. I’ve just gotta let myself go next time. —
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  3. TheVern says:

    Congrats on your new Podcast. I will take a listen to this very shortly. I have heard your thoughts on other movies and loved your debate about Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. I love that movie but your arguments against it were valid. Great job.

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