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Postcard Review – Warrior

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Dear Warrior,

I have never been a fan of mixed martial arts as a sport, and even boxing movies have been rather hit or miss with me.  MMA movies have almost uniformly looked to trade on the “nowness” and popularity of the sport as a means of sidestepping and kind of story or character building.

So I was thankful to find, at the outset, that you were nothing like my expectations had led me to believe you would be. Rather, you take a tried and true method of movie storytelling and invert it slightly and deepen is greatly, creating a cinematic experience that – while not transcendent or challenging – rightly stands as one of the more entertaining and fulfilling ones to be had this year.

I hope, Warrior, that others who feel the way I did initially will give you a chance. Anyone willing to trust your story and actors will be rewarded heavily, even if MMA fighting is not their particular cup of tea.

Cheering you on,

Brian J. Roan