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Postcard Review – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

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Dear Tucker and Dale vs. Evil,

Much like your two titular protagonists, the bulk of your knuckle-headed charm comes from your deceptive simplicity. It is easy, for instance, to say what you are – a movie about two hillbillies mistaken for psychotic murders yb a group of college students – and it is also easy to say what you are ostensibly about – not judging a book by its cover – but it is a much more difficult feat to say why you are so raucously, hilariously successful.

As a simple story of mistaken identity, you would be funny. As it stands, though, you have a heart and soul that allows a deeper emotional component to seep into your goings ons. Tucker and Dale are sweet, kind, and good-willed to the point of near sainthood. You use Tucker and Dale as a means of ushering us gently in to a brutal and horrifyingly hilarious story. Without them, you would have been good. With them, however, you are great.

Thanks for the bloody good time,

Brian J. Roan

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