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Postcard Review – The Thing

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Dear The Thing,

There isn’t any specific reason for me not to recommend you to anyone who is interested in you. After all, on the basis of your status as a prequel/remake of a classic horror film (itself a remake of a classic horror film) you actually clear the very low bar set for you with ease.

So sure, you make a good show of being an action film with a sci-fi bent, but given the promise of your premise and poise, I don’t think that is really enough for you to rest on. You have thrills-a-plenty, you have action set pieces that engage and entertain, but I was never really scared of anything that was happening. And in a film that so readily positions itself to be a scary, frightening, terrifying time at the movies, that is a big, big problem. You should have striven a bit harder for real, bone-chilling terror. Without that visceral ingredient, you’re just an ok film, instead of a potentially good one.

Thanks for the ambivalent time,

Brian J. Roan

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