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Postcard Review – The Ides of March

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Dear The Ides of March,

Your marketing gives very little indication as to what you might be about, and I have a theory about why. Because you are about nothing. You’re a shallow, pointless film that wastes good-to-excellent actors like Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamati, and George Clooney on characters with the depth of a spilled water bottle. If someone were to ask me the point you were trying to make I could probably make a good case for you being about the loss of innocence, or the need to compromise, or the way our political system stabs idealism to death before spitting out bitter, motivated men; but why should I bother?

Of course all of this is pointless because you don’t even bother to try to have a plot until thirty minutes until your ending. By the time the ‘conflict’ is finally introduced all I can think is “why in the name of God do these people care that X has happened?” So someone talked to someone else. Is the world’s savviest media guru really going to fold because one reporter is going to say he talked to someone he shouldn’t have? No. I don’t buy it. I don’t buy the conflict, I don’t buy the characters, I don’t buy anything.

That is what we call bad writing, and if you were a presidential campaign, bad writing would be the one promise I could depend on your to keep.

Way to waste my time and the time of all of your actors,

Brian J. Roan

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