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Postcard Review – Killer Elite

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Dear Killer Elite,

Thus begins a globe-trotting tale of murder, vengeance, intrigue, oil rights, unjust wars, honor, brotherhood, trade craft, double-crosses, shieks, shifting loyalties, lies, secret societies, guns… sorry, I have no idea where I was going with that. The problem is, neither do you. Within your first fifteen minutes you’ve already gone through a whole movie’s worth of action, double crosses, and cliche. From there, you pile on more and more teams of killers, more motives, more counter motives, and even a strange secret society that is never properly explained or contextualized.

Still, you’ve got your merits. Despite what your advertising campaign would have one believe, your action is pretty grounded and you come off as fairly realistic in your displays of assassination trade craft. You have some thrilling set pieces and your actors are all convincingly tough and intense, but God only knows why.

So what do I say in closing? I don’t know. You should have taken some time to parse out whether you wanted to be a personal tale of human redemption following a life of killing, or the tale of a group of hardened killers all out for blood. You should have picked one, maybe two themes and stuck with those. You should have not been two hours long. You should have been better.

Hopelessly confused,

Brian J. Roan

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