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Postcard Review: Friends With Benefits

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Dear Friends With Benefits,

There is a quote that perfectly encapsulates both your sole redeeming quality as a film, and your great, insufferable failure.

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. – Friedrich Nietzche

You were a fierce, determined study in mediocrity that over time became spiced by the utter failure of postmodern ambition.

You are a film that tries to take on and comment upon the tropes of a cliched romantic comedy, and yet through your struggles becomes a cliched romantic comedy, only worse because instead of simply admitting to and accepting it, you made a halfhearted effort at denying that lineage.

As such, you not only have to bear the cross of your cliches, but also the scars you acquired trying to fight them. This makes you lame, limping, ugly, and ultimately worthless.

We are not friends,

Brian J. Roan