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Postcard Review – Drive

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Dear Drive,

You are a rare kind of film. You trust the audience enough that you progress, for the most part, without any clear narrative line for a quarter of your run time. In the place of a clear plot thread to guide us, you give us instead a compelling enigma of a character to follow andĀ observe; to slowly come to understand, and possibly fear and admire.

I have left the bulk of your plot vague and obscured, and for good reason. The viscious jolts of understanding that lead to the flashes of pure violent power are best left unspoiled. Let me just say, though, that you have a courageous and perfect ending, the kind that most movies would not trust an audience to accept, let alone understand, and I appreciate that faith.

You are a solid, precision machine of a film, crafted with utmost care and acted with utter perfection. I can’t wait to take you for another spin.

With full throttle love,

Brian J. Roan

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