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Postcard Review – Cowboys & Aliens

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Dear Cowboys & Aliens,

I am not trying to say that I didn’t have a good time while I was with you. I don’t want anyone to get that impression. However, in spite of the fun we have had together, I feel that I must share with you some of the misgivings I’ve been feeling over the past few days since we met.

But I don’t regret seeing you. We had fun, and you definitely showed me a good time. Your effects were good, and your actors commit to the roles without winking, which allows for a kind of straight-up western experience that I love in film. So don’t worry about my seemingly damning criticism. It’s only because you showed so much promise that I am able to find these deficiencies.

Still, not enough of a shot off target to miss my seal of approval.


Brian J. Roan

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