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Postcard Review – Contagion

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Dear Contagion,

No terrorists, no mad scientists – just the natural truth that as biological organisms we are susceptible to microscopic forces beyond our control.

As much as we deride movies for predictability, it is still nice to be able to chart the course of a narrative with some certainty of purpose. We can’t know for certain when we’re approaching the climax if we do not know what the story requires for a resolution. The enormity of your narrative, mixed with your clumsy attempts at injecting human interest and investment, makes it hard to know exactly where we are in the story, or what we should expect to come as an end.

Despite those flaws, you are still very much a worthy film. You offer a clear and concise view of a world ravaged by illness, a harrowing and intense vision of the fragility of our society and the way in which a single, invisible foe could almost bring the whole works crashing down.


Brian J. Roan