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Postcard Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

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Dear Captain America,

With a perfect mix of action, humor, romance, grandeur and classic American heroism you create an experience like the rascally lovechild of Indiana Jones, The Rocketeer, and The Dirty Dozen. Your wartime set pieces are outlined in the kind of gung-ho style that used to entertain me for hours as a child. You embrace the stylized roots of your comic book and Saturday afternoon serial origins with the same enthusiasm that you embrace the patriotic, ideological comic book roots that make up your themes.

Everything about you is energetic earnestness and full throttle fun. You deploy humor and action with equal affect and never wink at the audience. In recent years, super hero movies have become common, but truly great super hero movies have entered into the minority. Luckily for anyone in the mood for an unapologetically forthright, earnest, good-natured and – most importantly – fun time at the movies, you are one of those rare films.

I salute you.