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Postcard Review – Attack the Block

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Thank you so very much for delivering the creature feature staples we have come to expect – gore, tension, thrills, interesting creatures – while at the same time creating a simple yet elegant narrative, interesting characters, and humor that doesn’t come at the expense of character intellect.

Aliens have landed in and around a tenement block in London, and a local gang of teenagers has taken it upon themselves to wipe out the alien threat. It’s like a modern day Goonies mixed with Gremlins and a dash of The Wire. Somehow it works, and characters who are repellent and risible at first become people we identify with and ultimately root for.

Add in your oddly appropriate and well executed statement on the cyclical nature of violence and revenge in the inner city, and we have a genre film creature feature that rises well above most others that have come before it.

Looking forward to spending more time together soon,

Brian J. Roan