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Postcard Review – 30 Minutes or Less

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Your setup allows for an undivided loyalty to the two bank robbers, mainly because they are being forced to do their misdeed out of fear of a greater evil. Unlike Horrible Bosses, you allow us to hope for a successful crime, without any of the ugly moral implications that comes from cheering for someone who is doing harm to someone else.

As your story becomes more and more complex, and as the double- and triple-crosses mount one upon another your humor comes not only from the characters but from the sheer madness of the situations they are thrust into. Your ability to find humor in all of these moments, in the face of actual life-threatening odds, is a true testament to your comedic skill.

As a propulsive, action packed and fun time at the movies, you are a sure thing. It is my firm hope that I get to see you again sometime very soon.

Counting down til I can see you again,

Brian J. Roan