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Introducing: The Film Grind Podcast

I never really considered myself a talker. In my head I was alway the silent, pensive guy in the corner who knew a lot but always kept it in.

Now, though, I’m proving myself wrong. You may be familiar with my work on Radio DearFilm’s audio content, but even that is stately and reserved compared to my latest forray into the world of podcasting:

The Film Grind. 

Alongside my friend Dan Gvozden, editor of Grind My Reels, we delve into the world of film with zeal, zest, and zaniness. High energy, no-holds-barred film conversation: that’s what we offer.  First we say what we’ve been watching, then we review a single film in detail, then we give complementary film suggestions – not just similar films in terms of plot, but in feeling and narrative, film-form kinship.

So stop reading my words, and start listening to them. The Film Grind is live now, and in addition to being informative, it’s also just plain fun.

You can find The Film Grind HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes. Also, it’s embedded below!

4 thoughts on “Introducing: The Film Grind Podcast”

  1. Ric Desan says:

    So with all your projects is Dearfilm going by the wayside?

    1. Brian J. Roan says:

      You always ask that. And the answer is always “hell no!”

  2. Sam Fragoso says:

    This sound good man. Looking forward to hopefully getting on the show soon. Just let me know, always available for Dear Brian.

  3. Joanna Chlebus says:

    Nice job guys–pretty much with you the whole discussion! Loved this update of Spider-Man and hoping to see it continue as a franchise (I also agree with you, Brian, that the lizard wasn’t particularly well executed.)

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