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Dear World War Z,

So, there is a book called ‘World War Z’ and a movie by that same name and let me state right up front as a famous author once postulated, “and neither the twain shall meet.”

Now with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s examine the later. World War Z follows one person, not many, and that one person is a UN investigator. Reputed to be one of the best and it falls to him in the midst of the most insane zombie pandemic to ever be put to film, to find out the origin of this apocalypse and find a cure if at all possible. Tall order indeed!

When the movie opens on nuclear family life and a traffic jam in Philadelphia we are exposed to the pure heinous brutality of this ‘locust-like’ zombie pandemic that sweeps down on the unsuspecting a like human infected firestorm of death! While its going down around him, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt,) uses his finely honed combat ready instincts to barely keep a half step ahead of this human extinction event. As people high up know he is a go to guy for stuff like this, he and his family are ‘extracted’ from the overrun city.

This is where it starts to really get interesting. As he lands on an aircraft carrier that is literally an island of humanity, the brass tell him in no certain terms he ‘has’ to hunt down a zero patient if he wants his family to remain safely on the ship. Taking a small team and virologist with him, the hunt is on.

What follows is high intensity nail biting edge of your seat roiling action that never lets up until the end and has us partake in infestations that are some of the craziest things anyone is likely to see in a zombie film. It makes Walking Dead and I Am Legend look like afternoon tea socials. Not only that, but what makes it riveting is Brad Pitts always thinking always watching portrayal all the more compelling, because as he sees clues about the pandemic, we see them right along with him. It is this aspect that so diverges from the book that is the movies salvation in the end when it sets you down and lets you go back to your life. Even the ending was a payoff I had to cheer.

I should probably now read the book to pay homage to the author, but I will say this about Pitt and Marc Forster, job well done in the face an impossible adaptation and all hail the new Zombie benchmark!


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