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Dear The Secret Life of Words,

Almost shyly, I drop into the accustomed slow paced conversation with you. It’s apparent immediately that there is something behind your eyes and in you speech that’s makes me pause to look closer and listen harder and wonder. Deep like the sea this is and equally as mysterious. Yet, as you continue with your accented speech that is so hushed and austere, I try to hear more and listen to the heavy quiet of what you say.

There is so much subdued meaning and barely rippling humor amongst the low banter. And then there is the quirky characters that populate your life on the rig and in your world there. Everyone with something unique and most all of them like you, separate in the way of their life and their choices.

Then there are the stories and the confessions and the inadvertent admissions that are never solicited by you but that I still spill freely. So innocent and yet meaningful in the way that real ‘happened to you’ stories are. In that setting like nurse and patient it’s rather amazing that such intimacy occurs. Then one day toward the end of our first time together you tell me of the war, of the hotel via the words so softly spoken that grabs my soul and wont let go. It rivets, and rends … these words, holding a secret no one should know, a secret that never should be. And in the midst of this as I double up in empathy, your humanity reaches out and graces me with trust and I can’t turn away. I will never be able to turn away. Yours is the soul to hold me near, to never forget and to always embrace the blessing that is your trust in me.

Yet the ending is not written. Though I know you will seek to spare me this burden as I recover and you recall your vulnerability, it is not what I seek or we need or what you hope for. But you know that when its my time to tell you that I will learn to swim, you know you can never doubt me and I will always be true.
Your story, our experience, binds me to you. It makes us a part of each other, no matter what. Devoted and loyal I will always be, remembering as I should that which is important.

Yours faithfully and Forever