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Dear The Dark Knight,

Many films have come before you that have left me wanting more. A question that I am always asked is what movie is my favorite movie of all-time? This is difficult to answer because every movie that I’ve watched has a different message. The way that message relates to my life when I watch a film will decide whether or not I add it to my collection. I knew that from the moment I saw your trailers that I would call you one of my top, if not the top movie ever. For a movie to be held at such a high place, it must have certain characteristics. This is why you stand in good company alongside The Godfather Part II – arguably the greatest movie sequel ever made. Before you, there was Batman Begins, and from that moment, I was hooked on the promise of what you would bring to the big screen.
There have been many times that I have rushed to see movies for which the trailers have peaked my interest, and in the end felt disappointed. This was not the case with you. It took me a minute to realize that I was actually finally watching you on the big screen. I made a deal with my sister that we’d watch your magic together; and so we did, thousands of miles of away from home, in El Salvador. I was so amazed to see you on the big screen that I felt the need to read the Spanish subtitles when I realized that you were playing in English. So as I quickly started to focus on the development of a robbery and the introduction of The Joker, I knew you would break boundaries and rise above being just a good movie.
Yes, there was a classic battle between good and evil, but evil has never before been done so well. While to root for the super hero is to be expected, in many ways we can relate to villains more because we all want something in life, and we often feel we shouldn’t stop our efforts until we get it.
Most of all, however, it is your brilliant display of darkness, betrayal, and uncertainty that kept me at the edge of my seat. The outcome of your story is predictable because I know that Batman will save Gotham City. However, you present a Joker that is not your typical villain: a dark, mysterious, and relentless man who uses the power of persuasion to his advantage. There are villains that come and go, but you set him apart from his predecessor in 1989 by giving him the desire to want more than just defeat the Dark Knight. There have been questions about why we do not see the Joker die in the film. In response I must say that you’ve taught the audience a valuable lesson: death is not always necessary to put a villain away.
As I saw Batman ride away in the dark, I am reminded of how I know there is still so much to talk about. There is excitement for the third installment of this magnificent series, and I can only expect to see the story continue. You have raised the bar to where it should be when it comes to sequels; so in reality, The Dark Knight Rises ought to be a continuation of your cinematic excellence. There are many who can tell you that you deserve to have an Oscar for Best Picture, but the fact that you were nominated shows that you are the most brilliant film in a genre that is too often overshadowed.
With great admiration,
Raul Marin

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