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Dear Skyline,

You appeared on the horizon like your kind always do; a wisp of promise in the midst of a dry season. An exotic hint of something different that had me perk up and seize the moment to instantly cross the stage of drama and take up the pursuit of your potential.

As I sat there listening to the hints and seeing the glints of exciting new ground, something tingled in the back of my mind that I couldn’t quite place. Nonetheless, I jumped in with both feet and started to dig at the nature of your qualities and characteristics. I was on the edge of my seat as you cut right to the chase from the opening scene. Like an alien ship dropping from the sky daring to be vanquished, we were off and running and you pulled me along.

But then you stopped your headlong flight to backtrack, telling me a bit of your history leading up to the good stuff … the Here and Now. And like a good audience I tolerated it after scratching my head. It filled me in a bit, but didn’t seem to further the Here and Now that was so compelling. Besides it was so … pedantic. I mean when I first looked at you I thought, “Man this is going places,” but now the edge was off.

Still, I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

Eventually you progressed to the Here and Now and I was back in like those aliens when they dropped out of the sky. Man I had never seen anything like this. I was riveted. That uniqueness was in full glory, and as with all great mysteries there was way more hidden that hinted at more towering possibilities than were just on the surface.

Then, jarringly, you reintroduced the same old characters that really took away from your glamor. Once again that old feeling at the back of my mind reared its head and it almost identified itself when you brought out some of the best parts of yourself and drew me back in. The amazing power of it all. I was along for the ride for another moment or two, but then it hit me, that thing in the back of my head.

It turned out to be the feeling of lost potential in the face of unrelenting mediocrity. Specifically, the mediocrity of unfulfilled purpose. You are eye candy and visual splendor without doubt. The power of many of your individual qualities was amazing to behold. But underneath, I now knew, you were something quite average in most regards and even though I wasn’t averse to seeing what the rest of you was made of, I wasn’t riveted anymore. Some of what you showed me from that point was very interesting but still almost rang of futility and inevitability.

But then after such disappointment and relegation to that mediocrity I mentioned, you left me with something at the end before I got up to go that left me fiercely proud of our human nature. That was your final vision, almost like the panels of a an epic comic book, that demonstrated that even when faced with the sure outcome of defeat, humanity will at least fight for what’s important to us and those that we care for … and nothing can ever take that away.

It made me glad to be human and ultimately it made me like you.

I’m sure we will see each other again,

Rick Sandlas

3 thoughts on “Dear Skyline,”

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  3. Ric says:

    Its 18 months later and I watch you for the second time and I am surprised that I like you a quite a bit more than I did the first time. Perhaps its the fast forward editing I do along the way that turns you into a taut 80 minute invasion tour deforce that portrays how a real armageddon would go. No Independence Day, no last minute miracles, no war of the worlds bacteria. No, just fighting to the end in a no win scenario that somehow rings a bit noble anyway.

    Perhaps Skyline it was the great Melancholia or equally all the crappy other Scifi of late that has elevated you. Either way, I sure am pleased with the outcome and maybe I will find a way to edit you to that taut and well played 80 minutes and save you as a great case of no happy ending here. See you soon.

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