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Dear Riddick,

Since you are a favored franchise with a few mixed reviews I went in to the theater more neutral than I usually do. Of course director David Twohy weaves a gritty tale right from the start and I suddenly sigh in familiar appreciation. Riddick is once again on the bad end of a betrayal stuck on some god forsaken sun scorched mud ball. It’s just like old times. Ultimately, as I imagined, he is not really cut out for The Necromonger high court and so he finds himself against the elements in that familiar duel of survival.

As he makes a new friend along the way to mending from falling off a cliff, he has what for him is an uncustomary inner dialog. It’s an interesting approach to internal tension and back story with this iconic character as he doesn’t talk much out loud, so I imagine the internal conversation would be very similar and interesting and it is in that short, stoic, brooding way he does things. And it is, and that’s just fine. This isn’t a sequel so much as seamless tale in a serial that are the events that swirl around Riddick’s life. It reminds me a little of the good way serials of old would keep you high strung until the next episode picks you back up and runs away with you.

As Riddick and his friend travel around this hostile planet and learn the ins and out of whats bad, he eventually runs into a mercenary station that is a way point for the bounty hunting scum of the galaxy to stop over on their way to somewhere else. After sending out a ‘come and get it,’ beacon for his high dollar head, the action revs up. With not one but two sets of mercs showing up to take a shot at cornering the lion, the fun begins. This of course like everything in this movie is familiar and perhaps even old ground but its done with perfect aplomb. The characters are bold and cookie cutter, the leaders are menacing and tough and everyone is bad ass enough to at least be in the arena with the bad ass king, especially welcome is Katie Sackhoff as Dahl! When he gets caught like he always does, it gets interesting and the monsters that come out are a bad deal and just as deadly as the originals.

Suffice it to say, with all that vintage Riddick bravado and dealing with the nasties on this planet most everyone else gets killed. Some at his hands and some not. When he gets out maneuvered in a twist towards the end that makes getting off this rock questionable I find my pleasure at the eventual resolution to be just as enjoyable as it always is. If you liked his escapades in Pitch Black and like Riddick as the legendary iconic character he is, this is a must see. For anyone else I can this is a good time at the theater and well worth your time.

We will meet again soon so you can regale me with more tales of Riddick,