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Dear Riddick Saga,

Given my particular bent lately for the dark and mysterious types and our nail biting history, I decided to look you up again.

Just as before, it seemed all the drama in the universe swirled around you like matter around a black hole.

Of course, you wore it like a garment made for you and it suited you well. But then again, you were always in your element when dealing with deadly controversy.

You’re still cool and definitely a badass. You have no problem showing just how hardcore you are and magnifying that mighty natural-born-killer reputation. I mean, hell, even from back in the old Pitch Black days when you’re bad enough to tell twitchy bounty hunter types to ghost you to be safe. But then wasn’t the bounty always too much for them to do that. Still, you would tell ‘em anyway. It’s impressive. Especially when dark side creatures cant kill you nor mercs or even other bad asses.

Its funny how your dynamic nature lures them to you like a moth to a flame, always against their better judgment. But then, to someone who is so raw and also smells beauty (what a great cheesy line,) its easy to see how it can happen. But then again there are a lot of them out there that would do you, but not in a bad way huh! Maybe that’s what gets you in trouble and saves you all at the same time. That bravado you would have us believe is the core of your soul but that fails to mention some humanity in there.

That’s right I said humanity so don’t look at me that way. You never see that it is the lynchpin of your destiny. Sure you will kill, steal and maim, but you won’t go out of your way for it. Don’t smirk, shit you will even warn people that they are in your way … a lot! Makes it hard to have much sympathy for those that don’t listen. It’s like dancing with a cobra or swimming with a shark, all of it is at your own risk.

And oh yes, that humanity I mentioned. Before you start telling me how crazy I am, lets remember Jack! Not enough? How about the holy man? What about Carolyn? Ahh, I know that look, she was a different story huh! Was the first one to die for you wasn’t she? Showed you all about humanity and a never surrender human. Something that has served you well since, wouldn’t you say! I hope you thank her sometimes, if you don’t you should. Hell, you even went out of the way to dust the holy mans killer before it was all said and done.

All the old stories are still great and always will be. As I grasp and shake the hand of the last of the Furyians, I know there is such a soft spot with me that I will never tire of them and gladly listen to them over again and often. I think that’s why I seek you out from time to time. I want to keep the tales fresh in my mind for when you start taking care of the minions of the underverse. What ever you do with them, I’m here, count me in – all in.

Truly yours,

Rick Sandlas