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Dear No Country for Old Men,

It was with great excitement that I sat down to watch you. I had heard so many great stories about you, that it was only a matter of time before we’d finally meet. I couldn’t wait anymore. Once I started to watch you, I felt a connection.

It was the type of connection that you feel when you have to talk to a beautiful girl across the room. You don’t know how she will respond to you, but you feel that urgency to talk to her; even if you feel like you wasted your time when she leaves you hanging there. But with you, this connection never died; it only got stronger as you developed this amazing tale of three very distinct old men.

As you began to tell your story, I couldn’t help but admire the vast footage of desert that you presented; it is such a beautiful place, yet it can also be deadly for those who have led a life of destruction and fall upon it. I felt as if you were inviting me into your humble home; into that dry, everlasting, and endless terrain, and I was looking for a place to sit back and relax.

I must express my admiration for your strong and suspenseful narrative. You invited me to sit back and relax, but you also left me questioning my assumptions about you. This is where you distinguish yourself from others like you because you reveal yourself, but not entirely at once.

A man comes across dead bodies, and finds millions of dollars and loads of heroin. What would you do? It is amazing how addicted we really are to the strongest drug out there: money. So you present a man who has nothing to lose as he finds this fortune. Anyone would probably do the same if they were in his boots, but the problem is that it doesn’t belong to him.

The problem with money is that you pay a heavy price for not using it wisely. Many men in your film found that out the hard way. The cause of such mayhem was one of the most frightening and intimidating characters. In many ways, he is an unparalleled part of your cinematic excellence.

The madness, insanity, and perseverance that drive his vicious actions truly brought fear to anyone he faced because he was brilliantly unpredictable. When the strongest hope for man feels overmatched, this is when evil is at its best; and you portrayed that impeccably. However, there is something that has to give. When a villain takes so many innocent lives, you assume he will lose his as well; perhaps more tragically.

Sometimes death is not the best way to take out a villain. This is not to say that they should get away with the chaos they provoked, but sometimes villains lose more than they realize even if it is not their life. This was a marvelous way to end your impeccable work because you reminded me that taking out the villain makes you a villain as well. You have to outsmart him so that he defeats himself.

With much love,

Raul Marin

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