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Dear Netflix Critics,

I have been listening to whiners bitch and moan lately about how Netflix just doesn’t give them every little thing they want from theirstreaming service and how it could be such a better service if it just delivered EVERYTHING, everybody wants. Of course with this attitude I quickly realized that no one stops to think anymore about real value!

Case in point, the recent service separation between Netflix’s disc and streaming services. Most people knee jerk respond that Netflix is trying to milk them and very few take even a moment of time to try to trace the market drivers for such a shift. Is Netflix hurting for growth and market dominance? No. Has their stock grown more than a factor of 10 in the last year, yes absolutely. Has Netflix made major account pricing increases in recent time? No! Have they vastly improved their streaming offerings over time? Unquestionably! So what could be the motivator for such a significant shift in the way they do business?

For anyone with a modicum of intelligence its easy to speculate when content providers have publically threatened, numerous times to re-negotiate licensing deals with Netflix at a magnitude of order more than what they paid a few short years ago. This means a $100 million agreement could now cost Netflix $1 BILLION in greed fees. Does that fee schedule include a dramatic increase in the quality of content provided? No, it could be readily worse. But, of course, as always, the content leeches don’t have to be held to any minimum level of programming quality accountability. So, when joe blow consumer wants to rail against what content providers try to force onto them, through you, they are too short-sighed to really lay the blame where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the providers that want to punish Netflix for doing what they didn’t have the cojones to accomplish themselves.

But that’s okay, lets look at who has the game to offer Netflix any real competition, either on price and/or service scale. By my calculations to date, that would be… no one! Cable sure doesn’t have it. How much are they going to charge you a month for their basic service that is streaming or access capable with absolutely NO disc capability? Whats the cable minimum now? $70 or $75 per month? What do you get with that? Basic channels half of which no one wants. Movies? Yes a few older movie channels such as TMC or Starz, in
which Netflix can more than compete. What about DVD or Blu Ray? Ooops sorry cant help you there. And they want to charge me more than 4 times the Netflix rate for this inferior product?

I don’t think so. Pass!

What about Blockbuster (may they RIP)? Once again, I’m afraid not. Who fondly remembers the days of wandering around the crappy retail stores resorting to 2nd or even 3rd choices that, when you took them home, were an easy $3 to $5 transaction. At that rate your $16 would get you no more than 3 rentals in a month. Once again that falls WAY short of the recent bump to $16 for an unlimited one disc at a time account with unlimited streaming. But I can quickly hear the ‘Redbox’ yell from the peanut gallery. Once again it’s the Blockbuster scenario in reverse with smaller selection at any physical locale even if it is at a $1 per rental title. Does that also offer any streaming? Dang. Some say Hulu will be the second coming, which is crap, since it is just another construct from the studios with an aim to leach directly from TV watching consumers.

Pass again!

Hell, even piracy loses to Netflix on the convenience paradigm alone. How many people want to deal with trying to download that much content with a conventional 250 GB bandwidth cap and the ISP Gestapo that MAFIAA is trying to force on ISP’s through a 6 strike graduated response program?

Once again because they, just, cant, figure out, how to innovate themselves. – Not I.

More ‘No Thank You’ to that idea as well.

So you see, no one has game! No one! Netlix offers so much value and so much convenience that if I need to see movies right away there is still the big screen in the theater and that is a perfect 1, 2 knockout punch in world of movie watching. If you think you have a better idea or can offer some other content scheme with a straight face, you are free to speak up below. If not, quit your whining cancel your account and STFU!

With extreme prejudice!


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