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Dear Neighbors,

Though my half century ensures I fall widely outside your target demographic, I only slightly feel like I’m a college professor banging a sophomore student. But obviously the big laughs were coming from the twenty and thirty-something’s around me.

Are you funny? Absolutely! I laughed and chuckled and even clapped my hands together too many times to count. Is Seth still at the top of his game? Absolutely! I had fun. Probably much more than I really thought I would have had. I think that also belies the simple nature of your story. New parents with an infant move into their dream home and their ‘new car smell’ perfect life is prematurely tarnished by a college fraternity moving in next door.

‘Hilarity ensues,’ might seem the best way to cover what comes next and while technically accurate it wouldn’t cover the range of your story nor do the insane outcome justice. There is so much going on with the dichotomy between young parenthood and college life and as the situation escalates the mix and match of sight gags and clever one liner constructions while cohesively propelling this story about the fundamental lifestyle clash is what really makes the proceedings shine, especially when it becomes war.

Of course Seth Rogan is the great thirty-something every man and Rose Byrne as his slightly kooky wife is casting perfection. Lets not forget Zac Efron’s great turn as the slightly disjointed fraternity president. Even with all the fluff involved the film delivers a satisfying end to a great fun-filled romp.

Oh and stay away from the mushrooms, Neighbor,


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