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Dear Monsters Vs. Aliens,

When we met accidentally on a slow weekend, I vaguely recalled someone mentioning you before. So I decided to stop and visit. As with most animated people, your conversation starts with instant sparkle and a light-hearted slice of mundane life playfulness. I mean, hell, I instantly like Susan and gosh who wouldn’t.

I think I even overlook her annoying fiancé Derrick, the 3rd rate weather man. At least for her sake!
Of course, as with all funny stories calamity invariably falls on her wedding day. Getting struck by, and surviving a meteor ranks up there pretty high with me. But morphing into the 50 foot woman with the requisite Gulliver’s Travels military moment informs me this story should pay some well deserved homage to the Sci-fi classics of yesteryear.

When we continue with our hapless jumbo sized damsel – code named Ginormica, which somehow seems like a name you would never choose to use for ANY size woman, – she is in some serious mega-sized, uber-secret government facility and as she wakes up we get to meet her fellow creatures and other inmates. What a motley crew it is, too. A Genius scientist cockroach, a hodgepodge frog-fish-lizard missing link creature and an ADD, stand up comedian jell-o mold that would make old Slimmer look like a Nobel laureate. Oh and lets not forget the warm fuzzy Insectasaurous who lives for bright shiny objects. Yes, this bunch is going places… usually, just right back into their cells. When we meet the warden – a General W. R. Monger, (just missing the A,) and are given the dime tour of the facility, it is apparent this is a permanent new home and not a place you will likely ever leave. During the tour the funniest lines of this movie were delivered.

“This place is an X-file, wrapped in a cover-up and deep-fried in a paranoid conspiracy.” Or how about, “Don’t scare Insectasaurus! He’s gonna pee himself, and then we’ll all be in trouble.” Some writer has to be firmly planted in the ludicrous and seen too many 50’s Sci-fi classics to pop ‘em out like that. Of course when Susan brings them home to meet the folks we get jell-o mold pick up lines, bad missing link springboard antics and a neighborhood that just has to predictably lose it and run fleeing and screaming well enough to make any Japanese monster movie extra swell with pride.

As Susan’s soul searching and the monster pratfalls continue, you add some great robot battle sequences, Derricks comeuppance after he breaks her heart, and an evil villain octopi that can’t envision anything ever going wrong. While we follow you through some break neck chases, a mothership break-in, and the showdown between an overmatched Galaxhar and a pissed off Ginormica, you just can’t help but revel at the wacky references, dialog, and great animation while having a popcorn munching laughfest of a good time. Thanks Susan, you should wear your monster badge proudly and do well to make any past 50 ft women proud!

With Admiration and Guffaws.