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Dear Interstellar,

What are you, really? Sure it’s easy to lose oneself in the trappings of the sci-fi stage upon which you play out your drama. But the truth is apparent very early on. You are a towering human story. Your brush-strokes span a multi-dimensional universe in an infinite metaverse, where the benefactors of this singular chance to save our doomed species exist on a plane, in a form and with a power we can’t even remotely comprehend.

And our primitive race on our little mudball receives beneficence that our small minds should not even consider yet should invest complete faith in. Sounds familiar does it not? But there is a manifestation of manipulated space time that is real and is stable and is, shall we say, opportune.

I waited almost too long to see you in first run and in the meantime I had already seen soooo many of the geeks and anal and OCD science dorks lose the power of this story worrying about the accuracy of the construction. After watching the film and thinking back to those lost individuals, I was profoundly sad. I was at the same time profoundly grateful that I did not lose your thread. Christopher Nolan has sealed his legend with me, because his far vision and understanding of human potential is right up there with giants as Interstellar is a sure representation.

the-first-full-trailer-for-interstellar-shows-matthew-mcconaughey-on-an-epic-mission-to-spaceThe story follows a near future where the food crops are failing, (was hoping for the GMO reference,) and the planet is turning to its next epoch with little regard for life that dwells there. As famine and shifts in climate clearly set us up for extinction, we find the wormhole. As we follow the small farm life of Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, we see that the world is moving on. Science and engineering – of which Cooper is a remnant – are going away as the human race focuses on farming and dwindling crop types to survive.

When a gravitational anomaly visits his 10 year old brilliant daughter, they follow a mysterious coordinate message to the remnants of science, intelligence and NASA. What is discovered in this enclave is hard to imagine and what they are doing in this last gasp shot at survival is every bit as inspired as the rest of the story. When Cooper has to pilot the colony effort toward one of 3 habitable planets probes and manned missions are still sending signals from is when we get to the crux of the mystery of this little gift left for humans, that is if they can take advantage of it.

When suffering time dilation tying to work around the bending of a black hole creates the human drama at the heart of this story is when Nolan grounds me in the majesty of the core of our human power, while Matthew McConaughey reminds of why he is the great actor he is. It is this reminder at the inherent nobility that we are all heir to that creates the aha about not only do we deserve better but how we can rise above our grounded nature to be more than the sum of our parts and the mystery not only of love but our best selves can transcend all. Of course our benefactor knows this as well and in this moment of additional ephiny it is glorious to speculate on what that evolution looks like that spins up stable wormholes and drops space-time tesseract’s into the middle of black holes.

But that speculation for me as an avid physics fan is the cherry on top. All hail the galactic achievement that is Interstellar!