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Dear Inception,

I want to share with you what makes a great film, because you possess all of these qualities and more. The first thing is a great story. The essence of film making is storytelling. As simple as that sounds, it is very difficult to produce a great story because movie fans should have high expectations. While it is true that many stories are recycled in the film industry, every film should still attempt to reach its own pedestal of greatness.

However, even with a great story, it is not a given that it will be considered as such. After watching a film, you always reflect on its execution of storytelling in terms of flow or pace. More often than not, if there is a slow pace to the film, then it is not considered great by the fans; despite the fact that they may love the story.
Your premise is so psychologically profound and intriguing that I completely forgot about time and pace when I saw you in the theater.

Another characteristic of a great film is what I call the attention grabber. No matter what the genre may be, if you are watching a film and lose track of time and everything around you, then you feel as though you are no longer watching a movie, you are a part of it. The concept of placing an idea in the subconscious as opposed to stealing one is as brilliant and creative as I have ever seen in film. When you design a film that focuses on the subconscious and dreams, it promises to be a very complex piece of work. It takes time, patience, creativity, and above all, concentration to make it work.

The mind is one of the most fascinating, yet mysterious things, so how can you resist offering a piece of work that makes you think; literally. To that I must add that there are two types of people that go to the movies. There are those who go to relax and enjoy the visceral pleasure of films, and those who go who enjoy having to focus on what is happening in the film. It is one thing to have too many story lines in a film to the point where you forget the message of the film; but it is also a completely different thing to have the viewer think about how the plot will affect the outcome of what the characters in the film are doing.

The ending of a film is arguably the most underrated element of a film’s success. It carries a huge responsibility because it must serve the purpose of reminding the viewer why they are watching the film. Another characteristic of a great film is, in fact, the ending. Depending on how the ending is done, you will either be interested in seeing the film again, or you many never want to see it again. As I saw your magnificent work come to an end, I had never seen an ending that created such a divide in the audience like yours. This is a great accomplishment because it shows how much people want to classify you as a great film. Each person has their own perspective on how the film should end, but it is impossible to please everyone. It was with great artistic direction and vision that you displayed yourself as a great and wonderful film.

With love,

Raul Marin