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Dear Hereafter,

You are like a mystic when we first encounter each other; I just have no clue about you! You seem worn thin and brooding and hesitant about nearly everything in your very own life. George, you have seen much and all of it no one can know. Normally, I would say “so have we all,” but when you begin this tale with one woman’s experience with the Indonesian Tsunami, I am floored at the spectacle but don’t have a clue about her experience until I see it is her glimpse of a life after death.

Hereafter. Yes, her peek is grand and she returns, while most of the rest of us just go forward and never come back. But for her it is easy to see the spark of desire to comprehend that which is beyond us – and so begins her journey. But back to you George. It is swiftly clear as the story unfolds that you are cursed (as you like to see it) and you are determined to lead the normal existence denied to you for most all your life. This, however, is sort of impossible when every touch from another human lends you vast insight into other peoples lives and those that they have cared for who have died. Hard to even want to be psychic like that, or turn that life into anything normal.

This is powerful. It belies what I had expected to see from you. This wasn’t going to be the adult twist on a version of The Sixth Sense or something like that. No, I am struck that you may be down to earth and thought provoking and while as a story you unfurl … I find that indeed, you are.

This tale, though well underway, strikes me as a bit awkward, which aligns perfectly with a great deal of your life. To underline your dilemma we see a favor to your brother turn into awkward desperation from a Mother who lost a child, then there is the nice girl with a bad secret and on and on.

Elsewhere in the world we find the famous French journalist writing a hereafter book that causes controversy and we meet a young boy recently rendered brotherless and I as the viewer begin wondering what the meaning of this quiet little film is. I know George is the real deal but where will he end up, what will he do?

I don’t have to wait long and the coincidences here are a lot like the ones in real life and lo, George ends up in London where a cluster of fateful events and hints at redemption greet him. In this redemption there is power. It is the power of a young boy to bring closure to a loss, it is the power of a woman to find a new beginning in a man who knows and understands the existence of her other world very well. And at last it is the power of a woman who has already died once to extend to George a hand that will be a touch that doesn’t impart anything more than the insight of emotional connection of the here an now. For George he gets a chance at loving and being loved with nothing else in between and you sense that’s a big enough blessing for him to take it and run. I know for me, this is very satisfying and I smile in empathy for your opportunity George and wish you well.

Hoping to hear good things,


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