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Dear Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II,

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Without a doubt, you exemplify the way that all movie series should end: placing all the cards on the table. The final installment of the most successful movie franchise comes to an end with a bang in the second film adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s final book of the series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

After this film, there are no more battles to fight; no more mysteries to solve. So you took it upon yourself to produce the darkest, most intense film of this series and achieved that with brilliant work. There are many final installments that you leave you disappointed, but you wanted no part in that. Instead, you created, produced, and executed an action-packed dramatic conclusion to perfection.

The stakes couldn’t be any higher. This is Harry’s last chance to defeat the seemingly invincible dark lord, known as Voldemort. Friends, family, even Hogwarts, the brilliant school of witchcraft and wizardry had to be put on the line for this inevitable battle.

From the very beginning, you captivate with a sense of urgency. Both Harry and Voldemort are after things that will allow them to defeat the other. The dark secret however, is that Harry himself is a horcrux – a magical McGuffin – that must be destroyed.

You handled this with such delicacy and detail that you can’t help but feel fear and compassion for the heroic wizard. This is just part of why you succeed so brilliantly as a film. The right combination of action, drama, fear, and humor keep you interested until the end.

Then unexpectedly, you humbled me with a thoughtful inclusion in the film of a scene involving Harry, his parents, Sirius, and Remus. This was one of the most emotional moments of the film because it was as though for the first time the audience got to see Harry speaking with his parents. Beyond that tragedy that Harry lived with for so many years, you present a humbling encounter. A young boy who had gone through much more than anyone could imagine finally had the opportunity to speak with his parents who sacrificed themselves for him.

There are times when films excite you, frighten you, or humor you; but that was a moment when a film humbles you. When everything Harry has been through has been a matter of life and death at every moment, it made that scene that much more emotional. It was a brilliant display of bravery for him to face Voldemort after that encounter.

The final moments that lead up to the epic final battle and the battle itself between Harry and Voldemort were done with the intensity and darkness that a film series finale should have. While those that have read the books know how things would end, from a film perspective, it was exciting and unpredictable.

You will always be remembered as a good film when there is so much excitement and anticipation for how you will finish your work as a film. You exceeded my expectations and entertained brilliantly. It is sad too know that the series you are a part of has come to an end, but it was great to see your magic from the first film to now.

Until we meet again,

Raul Marin

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