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Dear Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It’s like spending a bright afternoon with an old friend, it is. From the instant you start, you lull me to warm comfort and deep rumbling chuckles with your natural humor and affability. But then again you are Captain America, who on God’s green earth wouldn’t like you! Oh, yeah – The Winter Soldier.

But I digress, and rest assured there is more about him later, much more. As we catch up with Cap in modern times it is easy to see he is a bit of a man out of his element. He takes on the everyday covert ops he performs as Cap but his melancholy is worn on his sleeve. Even his museum display is quietly disconcerting. Yet as he struggles, he doesn’t get much time to assimilate when we are introduced to the Winter Soldier and some nefarious plot that goes right for the juggler.

As he works on catching up the humor and the banter are slick and spot on and the roster discussion he has with Black Widow about potential girlfriends is classic. Though there is the repartee, serious business comes down in the form of an insane hit that is put on Nick Fury. Nick’s parting admission that SHIELD is corrupt and to trust no one is when this story gets rolling.

Here the headlong pace and the action is almost frenetic but amazing and compelling all at the same time. As Cap is hunted and he relies on a Middle East vet he turned to at a bad time is when we meet Anthony Mackie as Falcon and he is a stellar addition to the team. It is actually some of his action passages that are the most breathtaking. Oh did I mention effects? I took this in with a veteran entertainment reporter from DC who knew all the exteriors this film used in the main action passages – like the back of his hand – and he was so impressed with the film’s pure accuracy he went out of his way to mention it.

As Cap goes up against his office and his foe in fights as good as anything put to screen, I am on the edge of my seat in the best way and though this is a long two plus hours in runtime I am not squirming in my seat as there is so much story to tell. And what a story! This is a sequel that can actually stand alone and if that weren’t rare enough it also furthers the Captain America canon in the best way possible. I was a fan of the first one and then Cap showed up in The Avengers which was not only an inferior film to the first but isn’t even in the same zip code as Winter Soldier, not by a long shot. This could quite easily become my favorite superhero franchise ever and that’s not something I would have ever imagined to happen.

Go on and make you bajillion dollars and rest assured this humble human will be in line for the duration, of all your films, always,


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