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Postcard Review – Martha Marcy May Marlene

(Click here for full review) Dear Martha Marcy May Marlene, There will be those that find you disappointing because of the enigmatic and illusory nature of your story, the lack of finality, but in reality there is no way that this tale could have ended

Postcard Review – Take Shelter

(Click here for full review) Dear Take Shelter, A lot of movies thrive on ambiguity. From characters with questionable motives to the fluid, elusive nature of “the truth,” movies make a habit of using the concept of subjective perspective as a means of creating conflict

Postcard Review – The Rum Diary

(Click here for full review) What are you. Are you a fictionalized biopic about the early, formative years of Hunter S. Thompson – given, in your narrative, the pseudonym Paul Kemp? Are you a tale of how neo-colonialism mingled with 1960’s-era American exceptionalism and rampant

Postcard Review – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

(Click here for full review) Dear Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Much like your two titular protagonists, the bulk of your knuckle-headed charm comes from your deceptive simplicity. It is easy, for instance, to say what you are – a movie about two hillbillies mistaken