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Annihilation and the Impermanence of Self

[Note: This essay discusses the narrative of Annihilation in its entirety.] Think of yourself as you were ten years ago. What were you like back then? Were you shorter? Heavier? Thinner? Was your hair longer or fuller? Was it a different color? Did you have fewer lines

There’s a New DearFilm in Town

DearFilm is a website devoted to a simple edict: It is impossible to be objective about art, and you should not try to be. These are the words that I chose to use to introduce my first earnest attempt at a film blog to the

The Long Take

Cinema is a game of acquisition, adaptation, and perfection. As with the evolution of any organism – biological or art form – the most successful traits pass from the forbearer to its progeny to become further refined and passed on yet again until they become